– J. English

“When it became very evident my husband and I needed to divorce, I knew I would need a good attorney to facilitate the process. Since we had two young children, I knew I needed someone good to help me navigate through the stressful and painful process of divorce and guide me on the options with difficult child-related decisions. The most important thing on my mind was how we could do this without breaking the children and the best way forward to keep both parents in their lives. The task of figuring out a good child custody/visitation agreement and all the other many parental details was very daunting to me.

I began searching on google for good divorce attorneys, but it was very overwhelming trying to figure out which one to choose, who would provide the best services and advice, who I could afford, what it would cost, etc. Luckily, when discussing this stressful search with a close friend in the workplace (who also went through a divorce), she highly recommended the Law Office of Hernandez Cook. She assured me that Ms. Angelita Hernandez-Cook was the right person for the job to get me through to the other side.

I called to set up my first appointment and Ms. Hernandez-Cook was very accommodating. I walked into the first appointment pretty nervous and anxious about the whole thing, but immediately upon meeting her, I felt very comfortable and at ease to talk to her. She took the time to explain the entire process, along with the path and timeframe to get there.

I had a list of my leading thoughts, concerns, and questions surrounding the divorce and she provided me all the necessary answers and information. This almost immediately started quieting all of the anxiety and fear I had surrounding the divorce. After my first meeting with her, for the first time, I actually felt like I could get through this and it was very relieving.

I also felt that she was definitely on my side, very supportive and it was evident that she would go to battle for me in court (if necessary). She was also very fair in her assessment of the right way forward with the division of property, custody-related topics with the kids, etc.

If you find yourself needing to go through a divorce, I highly recommend Ms. Hernandez-Cook for the job as your attorney. She made a painful, difficult, scary process bearable and was with me every step of the way until it was finalized.”

– Jessica Clark

Angie is amazing! She is very personable and knowledgeable. I’ve never had to go through the process of having to hire an attorney but she has made the process very comforting. She took the time to go over all my options and explain to me what legal terms I couldn’t process. If I ever needed an attorney in the future she would definitely get my business again. Very hands on and always willing to help and take the time I needed. Thanks again Angie!

– Genevieve Martinez

When someone referred Mrs. Hernandez-Cook they told me, ‘She is so good, it’s scary’. I took a leap of faith and called not knowing what I was getting into. My experience with Angie thus far has been remarkable. She seemed very passionate about the case when we hired her as it was her own family member. Not only did she seem passionate, she has this fire in her to fight hard for you. Angie is very straight to the point! Not only is Angie very responsive with everything, her assistant Michelle is too! She and her assistant updated me on the go with EVERYTHING as the case unfolded. Looking forward to working with Mrs. Hernandez-Cook in the future as she gained my trust with THIS case. Mrs. Hernandez-Cook is definitely a number you should have on your phone, very powerful women in my eyes. So yes, she is that good, it’s scary! She is fire!

– Janie Rodriguez

I appreciate Angela and staff. They were very helpful and understanding to my situation. If your looking for a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable and go out of her way to help you.
Would gladly recommend her to family and friends!

– Rosa Garza-Rendon

Mrs. Hernandez-Cook was our attorney for the adoption of our daughter. I was extremely impressed with her organization and communication skills. I appreciated how detailed she was in explaining how the process would work as well as her best assessment on cost. I always felt informed and prepared on the next steps in the adoption process. I can tell she’s passionate about her law practice and I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. I will always appreciate the role she played in helping us build our family.

– Lexus Smith

I would recommend her she is one of the best lawyers that I’ve had. any questions that I have she is responsive I can reach her at any time she has done a lot for me and my previous case and any questions I even have after the case has been done. she’s really professional and respectful and she tells it like it is.

– Sylvia Gonzalez

After having a horrible experience with a previous lawyer, I was reluctant to trust another lawyer but I decided to give Angela Hernandez-Cook Law a chance. Angela and staff were so helpful and always answered all my questions. I always felt they were honest and never promised any outcome they couldn’t achieve. They never avoided any calls from me nor was I ever given the run arounds with any questions I had. I will always be grateful for helping me. I truly recommend Angela Hernandez- Hook Law.

– Ariel Quintanilla

She helped me get through a very difficult time with a level head and confidence She has your interest at heart awnsers all phone calls and concerns will even allow you to vent as necessary she is highly recommended and I urge to be patient and listen to her thank you again Ms. Cook

– Ariel Quintanilla

She helped me get through a very difficult time with a level head and confidence She has your interest at heart awnsers all phone calls and concerns will even allow you to vent as necessary she is highly recommended and I urge to be patient and listen to her thank you again Ms. Cook

– Raymond Bernal

I have been with Ms. Hernandez-cook client for 8 years. She has been amazing to my child and I. She is very professional and devoted to her clients. She will also work with you Financially, so do not hesitate to ask any questions. For me being In The military, she has kept me informed every step of the way even while deployed. I could not ask for a better lawyer. I highly recommend her service she will go to the end for you the clientele.

– Chase Morinaka

I’ve known Angie for a long time and it is hard to find a divorce lawyer you can trust. Her advice is sound and she definitely keeps the best interests of your kids in mind, in any family law or custody case. She fights hard when she has to and knows how to handle the courtroom. I highly recommend her.

– Alexis Ducharme

Angie was very professional, courteous, and thorough. She gave me the facts, no sugar-coating, and always available when needed. I highly recommend her! 🙂

– Kendra W

Angie Hernandez-Cook was highly recommended to me, and she was a wonderful attorney in assisting me with my child custody case. Ms. Hernandez-Cook took the time to listen to all of my concerns and came up with a great plan to assist me in obtaining all of my requests for my case. During the entire process I never felt as though I didn’t get answers, and she was always available to address any issues that came up throughout the process. I will always recommend Ms. Hernandez-Cook to anyone looking for a family law attorney!

– Vanessa Soliz

Angie helped me every step of the way in my divorce! She was a text or phone call away if I needed anything! How many lawyers can you text? I highly recommend her to anyone needing services.

– Khaled Medina

This was my first time ever hiring an attorney. Angie made the process smooth and took all the stress out of the case.

She’s professional & knowledgeable I would highly recommend her.

– Safia Sirajuddin

Angelita Hernandez-Cook is an excellent attorney that I would recommend without a doubt because she is trustworthy, proffessional, and cost effiecient. She quickly got temporary orders set for me when i was left alone with young children. She clearly lets you know what is to be expected and the possible outcomes each step of the way. Angie is truly a beautiful genuine human being who will exceed your expectations.

– Erin Delacruz

Angie handled multiple cases for us in a timely manner. She was always available for any questions we had. Genuinely cares for us and helped us so much. Thank you.

– Edmundo Ramos

Mrs.Cook is an amazing Attorney she is very organized very professional and will do everything in her power to help you she truly is amazing..


This attorney is very professional and direct.
Would definitely and have recommend her services.

– Jessie Moore

Angie Cook is a phenomenal human being!! She’s so sweet and responsive. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal services..

– Jason Mata

Mrs. Hernandez-Cook worked very hard and was very sensitive to my family’s needs. Even with the COVID19 Pandemic causing uncertainties for many families, Mrs. Hernandez-Cook stayed diligent and poised until the very end of our case, which was very favorable to us. We highly recommend that you consider her firm for your legal service needs….

– Cortney Gutierrez

Angie is a God send!! I found her in the middle of one of the worst experiences of my life and she made everything so simple for me. She genuinely cares about her clients and that’s what sets her apart from the rest!

– Isaiah Garcia

Angie will work for you, and with you during a ruff separation highly recommend!